MarketingIn these days most companies like to hire services of head hunters as they help to search employees according to their expectations and lessen their stress or work load. Similarly job seekers also acquire jobs according to their hope and career prospective.

Most recruited agencies belong to top trade groups or professional associations and their directories are full of employment information. Before approaching a head hunter consider these top 10 tips mentioned below:

•    Choose services only of a reputable organisation that deal with specific positions of particular industries.

•    Know about positions or designations that they offer according to the requirements of different executive fields.

•    Take information from their staff about specific industries in which you are interested.

•    Ask recruiters for current status of those particular companies that they make you acquainted with.

headhunting thailand

•    Try to know the salary package of different executive positions related to your career perspective.

•    Have a casual discussion and provide them all details of your previous job experiences, educational background and other professional abilities.

•    If recruiters arrange an interview with a client of your desired company then prepare up to date copy of the resume and get ready to approach him with full preparation.

•    Make sure you know the charges beforehand as some recruiter agencies get fixed amount of money while others acquire fees based on annual salary of the candidate. If they agree to work on flat fees without extra charges then you are lucky.

•    Meet head hunters just like a professional person as they need quality candidates for reputed industries.

•    Try to prove your credentials through good communication skill and appropriate body language.

These were some of the tips for approaching a reputed head hunter. You can know more about them through the online process.

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