Dark-Art of HeadHunting?

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Uncategorized

Gary Chaplin

A Dark Art? Not really. True Head-Hunters will typically have approaching 20 years commercial experience, often far more.  Their knowledge base of high-performance individuals and key leaders is typically immense and when married to an ability to map, research and approach unknown individuals in target organisations becomes a compelling skill.

True and effective Head-Hunters are great networkers. Their ability to gain multi-stage referrals and recommendations is often their most effective resource – those providing the referrals being acutely aware to the benefit of being on a Head-Hunter’s radar for their own future career advancement.

If only Head-Hunting were as simple as it looks. The people who are paid to fill Britain’s boardrooms insist that finding the best man or woman for the job is much more than a casual flick of the Rolodex these days. Research, and plenty of it, is the name of the game — even if to the…

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