In order to meet the daily necessities of life and build your standard of living, you need to have a good employment. It is so because when you have a good earning hand, then the survival, perhaps the existence of humankind gets easy. Most of us, after getting a good education, run here and there in search of a good job. But wait, we forget that things can get easier if we get an expert advice or seek help from a professional consultancy firm.

executive recruitment thailandexecutive recruitment thailand

Executive Recruitment Thailand

There are some prominent recruitment companies in Thailand that enable an efficient executive recruitment and help employ the most competent people in various industries. A consultancy firm has a methodology and hence a strategy to accomplish their targets and guarantee employment to keen job-seekers. All you need to do is submit your resume to them and on the basis of it, they will refine down their searches to give out the best students to the reputed firms.

If you are a native of Thailand or a keen job-seeker over there, you need not worry as most of the consultancy services are available that will assist you from the start to the end of the whole enrollment process. Such firms are always in a search of high caliber students who are ever-ready to face the organizational challenges and meet the desired goals of the company.

So, upgrade your skills and re-acquaint yourself with the knowledge if you want to get employed in a highly reputed company. After that, just submit your resume and wait for the golden opportunity to come and knock your doors.


MarketingIn these days most companies like to hire services of head hunters as they help to search employees according to their expectations and lessen their stress or work load. Similarly job seekers also acquire jobs according to their hope and career prospective.

Most recruited agencies belong to top trade groups or professional associations and their directories are full of employment information. Before approaching a head hunter consider these top 10 tips mentioned below:

•    Choose services only of a reputable organisation that deal with specific positions of particular industries.

•    Know about positions or designations that they offer according to the requirements of different executive fields.

•    Take information from their staff about specific industries in which you are interested.

•    Ask recruiters for current status of those particular companies that they make you acquainted with.

headhunting thailand

•    Try to know the salary package of different executive positions related to your career perspective.

•    Have a casual discussion and provide them all details of your previous job experiences, educational background and other professional abilities.

•    If recruiters arrange an interview with a client of your desired company then prepare up to date copy of the resume and get ready to approach him with full preparation.

•    Make sure you know the charges beforehand as some recruiter agencies get fixed amount of money while others acquire fees based on annual salary of the candidate. If they agree to work on flat fees without extra charges then you are lucky.

•    Meet head hunters just like a professional person as they need quality candidates for reputed industries.

•    Try to prove your credentials through good communication skill and appropriate body language.

These were some of the tips for approaching a reputed head hunter. You can know more about them through the online process.

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Banking is a booming industry for both developed and developing countries. It is one field that offers amazing opportunities for growth and success to the smart working individuals and pays really well.

If you seek to make a career in banking, you better pull up your socks for there is some tough competition that awaits you! But don’t let this discourage you, for if you have the talent and passion for this field, you can make a successful career for yourself.

To help all those investment banking aspirant, here are ten basic but fantastic tips to make a career in banking:

• Relevant education is the foremost requirement. Those from the fields like economics, marketing, math and business administration can have a shot at this career option. MBA especially is a crucial criterion nowadays.

• Since it is a tough field, there is great scope in entry level positions. Gaining some solid experience hence forth will help you gain amazing success.
• Market knowledge is vital! So be sure to follow the latest deals and have your own views on them.

banking jobs consultants

banking jobs consultants

• Learn to anticipate the economic scenario, this way you will learn to take preventive measures.

• Get used to networking for in this field you are bound to meet people from different fields.

• Sharpen your skills as a speaker for networking for business requires you to be impressive and persuasive in your approach.

• Take specialized classes for quants, presentation delivery and proposal writing.

• Gain expertise in excel modeling because you will be working a lot with this tool.

• Ensure thorough documentation with cover letter, resume and thank you letter for the interview. It is usually observed by those on the interview panel and is sure to impress them.

• Make sure you don’t have bad credit history with any bank for this will hamper your chances of being hired as a banker.

Following these tip isn’t too tough. So go ahead and put these tips to action stepping forward to becoming an investment banker!

Resource :- Banking Jobs Consultants

Human Resource (HR) department has a vital role to play in every organization on this earth. Numerous responsibilities are entrusted to the executive members to ensure that every business activity goes on the right track. Therefore, employers are very cautious while hiring executive members for this important position.

Human Resource

They specifically look for people who have the abilities to help their enterprise stand out from the crowd. Therefore, if you are willing to pursue a career in HR field, here are certain important areas as well as for you skills to possess before stepping into this field. Read on.

Important Areas to Master In

• Organization design and development: Meet goals by managing structural changes and organization’s workforce, culture, environment etc.

• Resourcing and Talent planning: Manage the workforce to maintain a balance between different skills to fulfill both long-term and short-term goals.

• Learning and Talent Development: It focuses on ensuring that every employee of the organization has skill set necessary for the success of the business firm.

• Employee engagement and relations: It ensures that positive relationships be maintained between the staff and line managers of the organization.
Important Skills to Get Ahead :-



• Skilled influencer

• Personally Credible

• Decisive thinker

• Courageous and challenging

• Curious and instant learner

So, to make a great career in HR field, ascertain possessing each one of the above mentioned quality perfectly. Cover all the breadth and depth of different areas of this field and shine like one of the most talented HR manager in your business firm.

The stability in our careers is really very important. To maintain the elite status and standard in the human society, it is really very important to work for a good organization, so that one can prove his skills and story of success.

recruitment agency Thailand

recruitment agency Thailand

But, in this competitive world, is it really easy to find a suitable matching job for your profile? Well, not at all! There are so many people who do not get a job in their profiles or in their domains, and as a result of which they live a nomadic or aimless life.

But how long does it work? After all, we all have to live in this merciless world, and have to face the actualities and cruelties around us. And to mum your critics, you need to shine above their standards so that you can shatter their proud and arrogant behavior.

But how will this happen? Have you ever thought of it? Well, if not, then here is a solution to your worries. There are many recruitment agencies in Thailand, which can help you in finding a suitable job in your profile. You can surf many recruitment agencies online and can contact them to get a job.

Whether your desired sector deals with banking and insurance, accounts, finance, healthcare, IT, HR, marketing and sales executive, etc; you will get employment in your profile with the help of these agencies. In short, all you need is to contact these agency officials to get in touch to know vacancies in your domains.

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Finding a job is an overwhelming job in itself and the majority of the populace will agree with this. Landing to the most suitable profession requires a lot of efforts from one side. And, no doubt, every one of us does that. However, even after struggling hard many of us fail to achieve our stipulated career goals and targets.

 	handshake on background of sky

Either we did not proceed with an apt strategy or we failed to find the right options in the marketplace! Undoubtedly, there can be a number of reasons behind the failure. However, with the assistance of recruitment agencies, one can definitely dream of getting the best possible option in the marketplace. They take away all hassles involved in your career path by guiding you on the right path.
These firms have contacts with the renowned organizations in the corporate world so; your job application can be sent to numerous companies; which obviously will be more than your expectations. However, before everything, the only need is to connect with a reliable and privileged recruitment agency.
Ample search firms are located in Thailand and across the world. However, not all of them can be trusted when it comes to your career. So, here is the list of top 10 recruitment firms in Thailand that you can consider for your career search. Have a look.
KTI Consultants:- KTI consultants is an ideal search firm that operates for different companies by recruiting candidates in finance, accounting, hospitality, human resource, IT and telecom sectors. It is an independent firm based in Bangkok.
Fischer and Partners Recruitment:- This firm is known for world-class recruitment services in the area of business process outsourcing (BPO).
K.P.W Supplying Manpower Worldwide:- With over 10 years of experience, the K.P.W has been successful in finding the most talented and suitable candidate in the field of construction and engineering, oil & gas, health & safety, and more.
Kelly Thailand:- It is amongst the leading recruitment firms for outsourcing, consulting and staffing services on a temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire basis.
PA&CA Recruitment Co. Ltd.:- Since May 2000, PA&CA have successfully recruited potential candidates for about 1500 companies in Japan.
Avance Recruitment (Thailand) Co. Ltd.:- Avance commenced its business in 1972 to serve, satisfy and solve recruitment requirements of companies in Japan. Its professional staff is proficient in finding the best candidate in the shortest period of time.
Fame Placement Co. Ltd.:- It is amongst the best executive search firms in Thailand. It works to fill executive positions like CEO’s, managers in multinational companies and local businesses in Thailand.
Start Recruitment Co. Ltd.:-  It concentrates mainly on HR consulting, recruitment and direct head hunting of executive positions in the market. It has successfully excelled since its inception.
Smart Search Recruitment:- It is another Bangkok based executive search solution tailored for global organizations in securing the best talent to maneuver the global business.
Human Capital Alliance:- It offers a broad range of executive search and recruitment service for industries including the financial sector, consumer and technology.
So, if you are looking for a highly-paid job in renowned companies in Thailand step forward and hire the best recruitment agency from the aforementioned list. They will definitely offer you with better and more alternatives for higher position.

In today’s tough economic situation, many people across the world are losing their jobs everyday and are struggling to get a new one. If you are someone who is constantly looking for a job without much success, then maybe you are not doing it the right way. There are numerous ways of finding a job and you should consider them while searching.

Speaking about job vacancy websites, these are the most useful websites available on the internet for modern society. The reason is that they open up great opportunities for job seekers and make the job hunting process a lot easier. All you got to do is just register with them and they will keep you updated with current job openings at regular intervals.

Executive Recruitment Thailand

Executive Recruitment Thailand

You can also find job vacancies with the help of recruitment consultants. Generally, they are a team of recruiters who have great expertise in attracting, selecting and retaining the most talented professionals in a range of industries and professional sectors. All you need to do is to submit your resume on their website and they will let you know about all the job vacancies suitable to your profile.

If you are looking for job vacancies in Bangkok, then you can get assistance from recruitment consultants, most of who have a good online presence and will help you find out the appropriate jobs matching your profile.

In recent years, with the emerging economic climate of various industries, our world is becoming industrial oriented day by day. But in frugal times, the economic uncertainity and downsizing in other business sectors, the oil and gas industry remained upbeat and stable through the global recession. Inspite of increasing demand of petroleum products and rise in prices, this sector has emerged stronger, fitter and anxious to fulfill those demands.

oil and gas recruitment bangkok

oil and gas recruitment bangkok

Oil and gas industry doesn’t only include working on a rig or a drilling platform rather this industry filled with opportunities for both the onshore and offshore type. Finding the efficient, real qualitative and sincere recruits is one of the challenging tasks. But some recruitment agencies specialise purely in jobs in this industry finding the right talent. They have the ability to place right candidates at right positions from degree-level candidates to those with less qualification but who wants to work hard.

Moreover, these recruitment companies are fulfilling the requirements from ordinary manpower for day to day works to the skilled manpower depending upon their abilities. As the world dependency on oil and gas took a steep increase in recent years that is why the recruitment agencies is continually looking to fulfill vital roles. From rig work to upstream jobs, aspiring candidates have the prospect to enjoy the excellent salary, travel opportunities and to climb rapidly their career ladder.

Oil and gas industry is a global one. Therefore, to utilise a global arena, internet is the best starting point to begin your search. There are many recruitment agencies providing top-notch services online. In Bangkok, there are plenty of international recruitment agencies that specialise in oil and gas industry. As they have direct contacts with these companies and their personnel departments offer you a greater variety of potential positions that matches your talent.

Blog Source :- Oil and Gas Recruitment Bangkok

In this age of competition it is hard to touch the sky of perfection. Every professional company wants to hire skilled workers to enhance its business in the market. Similarly proficient persons also want to use their skills in some reputed organisation for complete utilization of their energy. A recruitment agency assists to match unemployed persons with professional employers to fulfil the requirements of both.

recruitment thailand


ThailandIn general recruitment agencies do not charge fees from a jobless person. Employers pay them a sum of money to find a suitable worker for their vacancies. Nowadays it is easier to approach a reputed recruitment agency in Bangkok by online process.

After registering with a recruitment agency Thailand you need not to find a classified section of newspapers daily. For saving your time and money it works hard and sends your CV to different professionals and employers of various business sectors.

Main advantage of hiring recruitment agencies is that you can apply for a job matching your particular field easily through them. Their working system has specialisations in various economic sectors in Bangkok thus they know how to bring opportunities in your favour.

Despite all above benefits a recruitment agency also helps you to make a preparation for the interview and offers many other services. Hence it proves beneficial not for different social organisations but also for several employers and job seekers.